Home-maker: "Seminar was worth attending and gave very simple theory. It provides very good support after seminar for our queries, doubts. Even common man can attend and learn trading techniques."
Marine Engineer from Mumbai: "Moneymint consultancy gave idea of making money through teaching method with simple technique and even we are getting good results. I used to think stock market as GAMBLING but my views has changed and I know now that Stock market Is SCIENCE."
Home-maker:"I am trading since 7-8 years in stock market. Along with handling daily course of life we can earn money. He provides Plan of action which helps in trading. Support post Seminar is provided which is amazing, our mistakes can be corrected through that action."
Maths Teacher: I appreciate the course. I strongly recommend a lay-man to do this seminar.Technique is scintific. I am a science and maths coach. My knowledge has been upgradedhighly after doing this course.
Engineer Working with TCS: "Basic course is very good and who doesn't have much knowledge can even learn through Trading strategies which are very easy to understand. I will certainly recommend a common man to attend this seminar."
Sub-broker: "Seminar was really good. Technique was very simple which does not require charts, can be used by common-man. We can trade both side successfully."
Sub-broker: "Seminar is very useful, gave confidence. It should be attended once."
Diamond Merchant: "I got to learn many new technique which are very simple to apply without any tools. We can trade without anybody's help. He provide good post seminar support which was not expected as not seen in same industry. market works in same manner. It was one of the best seminar I attended yet."