Power trading professional mentoring course:

The best trading methodologies are hybrid in nature, composed of a combination of techniques.

When the correct selection and combination of indicators are used the outcome is a detailed mathmatical description of group behavior. They will mathmatically express and indentify the natural cycle of investor sentiment. These swings from pessimism to optimism and back in a natural sequence are revealed. Specific measurable patterns of market sentiment and mass psychology can define a technical roadmap to pinpoint accuracy. It is our belief that the highest probability for success can be obtained by effective trend trading. A position might last anywhere from a couple of days if protective stop loss is hit, to a few weeks or even a month or more when we are able to. We attempt to stay in the trade as long as it is meeting the goals we set before the execution of the trade. We are trend traders and we trade for our daily income.

  • How and where it is conducted?

    The Power Trading Program is done via WEBINAR

  • What is covered in this Power trading mentoring program:

    • No New Theories
    • Only Practicing
    • Only mentoring

  • What is covered in the Power trading mentoring program:

    1. 6 month mentorship in live market
    3. Life time support for your queries and trading clarification

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